Oak Ridge Elementary

I am so proud to be the principal of such a wonderful school! Having spent 11 years here as the Assistant Principal, I am excited to lead this school as the principal.  As we enter into a new school year, remember that your child(ren) is excited about school.  Foster that excitement by encouraging them to come to school every day, be on time every day and help them with homework on a daily basis.  Converse with your child about school from the moment that they get in the car or the moment they walk in the door.  Ask them questions about their day but be specific.  What did you learn in math today? What did "Mrs. Smith" teach you in class today?  Look through their backpacks daily.  Foster a love for learning within your child.
How can you help us to help your child?  One way that you can ensure your child's success is by reading to them every day.  If you are not sure of good books to select for read alouds, go to the following website for suggestions:   We are always stressing how important reading aloud is to your child's education.  Did you know that in a given year, a child is in school for 1,000 hours, and out of school for 3,700 hours of awake time?  Our goal is for every parent to use some of that out of school time to increase their child's reading comprehension levels.  Reading aloud, as well as silent reading, is one of the best ways to improve comprehension, vocabulary, spelling and writing skills.
Make it a personal goal this year to read for 30 minutes every day with your child.  It can be difficult to find the time, but make it a priority.  Your child's education depends on it!
Silent reading is just as important.  The more kids read, the more they read for pleasure.  What they read is not as important.  They can read comic books, easy books, picture books, etc., understanding that as their comprehension improves, their selections will become more difficult.  
 Have conversations with teachers.  We welcome you here and want to make sure that we work together as a partnership to ensure the success of your child.
We welcome you to stop by and visit. Come see what a difference a school visit makes in your child's life.  Our doors are always open!  Get involved!  
My name is Kara Saly and I am excited to be at ORE this year.  For the past several years I have served CISD at a Math Coach and am happy to bring that information with me to this new position.  I wear many hats here at school including testing coordinator, Gifted and Talented coordinator, 504 coordinator, as well as many others.  I know this will be a great year full of learning not only for your children, but for myself as well and I'm looking forward to the them.

Please feel free to drop by or call.  I enjoy meeting all of our families at ORE and helping your children have a successful year.  If you can't catch me when you are here, feel free to email me at
The elementary school years are  the best opportunity to teach our children the many skills they need to be successful in school as well as outside of school. The curriculum I use covers topics such as building self-esteem/ confidence, respecting and getting along with others, making good decisions, solving problems, cooperating in a group and learning about careers. I also address citizenship through a year long program called STAR (Stop, Think, Act, Review). This program encourages children to make good choices by stopping to think before they act. In addition, small group and individual counseling are provided throughout the year as needed. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that your child has a happy and productive year. You can contact me any time!


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